Brave New Literatures 2022 / 1 February 2022

From Polyphony of the Verse to Literature as Ceasefire

Brave New Literatures Festival

Polyphony of the Verse

Poetry is the most enchanting and untamed literary genre. Some literature enthusiasts claim that it’s not translatable, as the body of a poem is inseparable in its shape, sound and meaning. Although by nottranslating we leave poetry in an isolated reception bubble. Writers’ House Literary Podcast shares playlists of original poems and their translations, recorded by the poets, translators and/or people working in culture anddiplomatic sector.

The podcast, started in 2020, gives audience unique experience of multilanguage and polyphonic receptionof poetry.

Link to published playlists:


Literature as a Ceasefire

Discussion series from the 6th Tbilisi International Festival of Literature, concerning pressing matters like the social role of literature in crisis and critical circumstances; challenges for writers creating in a different language medium from their habitat; or the “interior” of writing and publishing words – on how to master the skills of writing and editing.

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The list of discussions:

  1. Discussion with PEN Georgia and PEN Ukraine – Literature Confronting Occupation

Participants: Anastasia Levkova (Ukraine), Shorena Lebanidze (Georgia). Moderated by Paata Shamugia.

  1. Discussion Writing in the Time of War and Dictatorship

Participants: Julia Cimafiejeva (Belarus), Lyuba Yakimchuk (Ukraine), Alexei Tsvetkov (Israel). Moderated by Paata Shamugia.

  1. Discussion Writer in a Multilingual Medium 

Participants: Heike Fiedler (Switzerland), Tarek Eltayeb (Sudan / Austria), Aurélia Lassaque (France), Zurab Karumidze (Georgia). Moderated by Inga Zhghenti.

  1. Discussion Role of a Literary Editor in Fiction Writing

Participants: Jacquelyn Ben-Zekry (USA, editor), Tina Mamulashvili (Georgia, publisher). Moderated by Khatuna Tskhadadze.

  1. Discussion The Difference between Writer’s Intrinsic Isolation and Coerced Isolation

Participants: Blake Crouch (USA), Iman Humaydan (Lebanon), Iva Pezuashvili (Georgia)





Writers' House of Georgia

Writers’ House of Georgia is a culture management organization based in Tbilisi. 

Writers’ House is based in the historical building carrying the same name – an early 20th century historical mansion, built in 1905 as a residential house, by the biggest philanthropist of those times - David Sarajishvili. Today, the house on Machabeli str. #13 is the hub for the big majority of literary and cultural events in Georgia.

The building of Writers’ House has the capacity of event and exhibition space. There is a writers’ residency in the building, offering living and work space to writers, translators and artists. In 2020, the organization also started Museum of David Sarajishvili - the memorial museum of the initial owner of the house. 

Writers’ House of Georgia initiates and manages number of cultural and literary projects, and also acts as a facilitator of publishing and translation processes. The organization counts number of projects: from literary contests and awards, to educational projects, subsidizing literary periodicals, or local and international festivals of literature and poetry. Writers’ House has several open calls per year for publishing and translation projects, and in the period of pandemic it announced and granted scholarships to Georgian writers and translators. 

Writers’ House also organizes and manages representation of Georgian literature, authors and publishers at world book fairs and festivals.

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