Brave New Literatures 2022 / 19 January 2022

Liberated Words, VideoBardo & the Poetics of Poetry Film. Documentaries featuring Spanish, Portuguese and Argentinian Videopoets

Brave New Literatures festival

We dedicate today's presentation to the Aragonese poet Ángel Guinda (Zaragoza 1948 – Madrid 29 January 2022). Charles Olsen @colsenart, who presents the documentary 'Videopoetry in Portugal and Spain' says Ángel was a poet, friend, and an inspiration, both in his poetry and his way of being. The photo of Ángel Guinda is from the poetry film Olsen made with him: 'The Book of Traces', and the documentary also includes a fragment of 'On the Eve of Death' which filmmaker Sándor M. Salas made with Guinda in 2014. Sándor commented in his interview for The Poetics of Poetry Film: '[Ángel] is someone who understands other artists and therefore gives them the freedom and respect to create'. 

Two documentaries made to celebrate The Poetics of Poetry Film (Intellect Books, 2021) and the 25th videopoetry festival VideoBardo, Argentina: 

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Co-director of Liberated Words and editor of The Poetics of Poetry Film, Sarah Tremlett is interviewed by Javier Robledo about the book and her connection with the festival. 

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Madrid-based poet and artist Charles Olsen presents Videopoetry in Portugal and Spain based on his essays for the book, featuring interviews with filmmakers from both countries.



Liberated Words is an organization that promotes poetry film through screenings, an online site and Facebook group; and through international collaborations, interviews, essays workshops and publications. Since 2012 Sarah Tremlett co-director of Liberated Words has developed a relationship with VideoBardo videopoetry festival, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and directed by Javier Robledo. It has just celebrated its 25th anniversary, and is the longest-running videopoetry festival in the world.