Yerevan Book Fest

6 – 9 September 2024

- Yerevan, Armenia -

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Yerevan Book Fest, established in 2017, is an annual cultural event that celebrates the love of literature and brings together writers, book lovers, and publishing houses.This three-day festival is held in the beautiful city of Yerevan, Armenia and is a must-attend event for anyone who appreciates the art of storytelling. The locations and dates of the fest vary from year to year. In 2023, it will take place from May 25-27 at the Sundukyan State Academic Theatre.

The festival features a wide variety of cultural events, panel discussions, contests, and poetry readings that explore the world of literature. Guests can participate in discussions on various topics, including fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. They can also attend book signings and meet some of the most beloved authors and publishers both from Armenia and abroad.

The Yerevan Book Fest provides an opportunity for both seasoned and aspiring writers to showcase their work and engage in conversations about literature. Every year the festival hosts a major writing contest in four categories, namely poetry, prose, children literature and dramaturgy, providing a platform for emerging writers to gain recognition for their work.

In addition to literary events, the festival also includes live music, dance performances, and other cultural activities. Guests can sample local cuisine and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this unique event.

The Yerevan Book Fest is more than just a literary event, it is a celebration of the human experience and the power of storytelling. It provides a platform for individuals to connect with one another and explore the vast world of literature.