Poesiefestival Berlin

17 – 23 June 2022

- Berlin, Germany -

Every summer, usually in June, Berlin is transformed for seven days into a hub of poetry. 100 to 200 poets and artists from around the world join the poesiefestival berlin to showcase current trends in contemporary poetry. Since the year 2000, the poesiefestival berlin is organised annually by the Haus für Poesie (named Literaturwerkstatt Berlin until 2016).

The festival gives visitors the opportunity to experience poetry in all its diversity of forms through performance, music, theatre, dance, film, exhibitions and digital media.
The poesiefestival berlin regularly realises special productions such as long poems that are adapted and performed for the stage or text-dance projects that bring together poets, dancers and musicians to create a stage performance.

Every year, in the VERSschmuggel (reVERSible) translation project the festival brings together poets from a different country or language area to meet poets from the German language sphere, working in groups to mutually translate each other, based on interlinear translations and with the help of interpreters. First results are presented on stage at the festival and are later published in a bilingual book.

In recent years, the festival has expanded its poetic education programme considerably, organising an extensive programme for school classes as well as further training offers for teachers.

The Berlin Poetry Lecture has been a part of the festival since 2017. Each year it is written and delivered by a renowned poet and is also published as a book in German and English translation. The festival also includes poetry film programmes, it features exiled poets, organises readings in Berlin's districts and is a space for artistic directors of international poetry festivals who come together discussing the challenges of festival-making.

Since 2008 the festival's cooperation partner and main venue has been the Academy of the Arts in Berlin. The architecturally interesting building from 1960 has a lot of charm, from its large hall to the small gardens of the building.
The Poesiefestival Berlin is supported by the Capital Culture Fund (Hauptstadtkulturfonds).