Poeteka Int’l Festival of Poetry and Literature

- Tirana, Albania -

Poeteka is an Albanian quarterly culture magazine that mainly focuses on literature, the arts, culture and the debating of social issues. Since 2005, it has published four print-editions and a special issue every year. The “Poeteka movement” is a self-organizing group of writers, literary critics, translators, academics, social activists and artists. Through artistic texts (poems and short stories,) essays, philosophical debate, current and historical arguments, the monodrama corner, chronicles, writers’ profiles and an In Memoriam section, Poeteka intends to give more space to the contributors and a clear picture of the Albanian cultural and social context. From time to time, the magazine has also published articles and opinions by foreign authors who convey European perspectives on culture and social life to the Albanian reader.

POETEKA Int’l Festival of Poetry and Literature is an annual gathering between artists of the written word arts, writers, art critics, lecturer’s, essayists and performers from Europe and beyond.