Mostra de Artes da Palavra

5 – 8 October 2023

- Oeiras, Portugal -

MAP, Mostra de Artes da Palavra, is a multidisciplinary festival by A Palavra, cultural association, and with the support of the Oeiras City Council. This festival explores the word and its relationship with other disciplines as its main focus. Poetry will be present in many forms: from music to visual arts, from conferences to workshops, from debates to conversations, from cuisine to citizenship, from school to the public space and media space. MAP presents more than 80 events in about 30 venues and will that place in the county of Oeiras, Portugal between the 9th and 13th of June 2021. However this festival will have initiatives starting in March. MAP is a festival that redefines borders, revisits the real and reinventes the poetic imaginary.

A Palavra is a cultural association based in Lisbon, Portugal that focus its activity in the word and its multiple strands and possibilities. From the spoken word to poetic performance, A Palavra will develop and support projects that have as center the poetic expressions or the word as protagonist. It is in this context that A Palavra intends to give voice to new trends and artistic expressions around the word and its intersection with other disciplines such as music, visual arts, video and cinema, promoting events, festivals and multidisciplinary educational and social projects. A Palavra has as areas of action: Management and/or Agenciation of artist, groups and projects in the area of spoken word (Lisbon Poetry Orchestra, Poetry Ensemble, Fabricantes de Pegadas, among others); Consulting, Creation and Production of Events related to the word and its crossing with other artistic disciplines (MAP, Mostra de Artes da Palavra); Actions of Social Intervention in the fields of musical formation through the creation of an orchestra dedicated to the Word and essentially composed of young teenagers (YO / Youth Orchestra); Creating, Editing and Commercialization of books, records, posters, serigraphs, among others, related to the spoken word, written and performed (Publisher ‘Cidade Nua’ and ‘Poetry Box’, the store).