Athens World Poetry Festival

24 – 27 September 2023

- Athens, Greece -

The Athens World Poetry Festival is organized by the literary organization Poets Circle. For a week, the city is transformed into a large poetic canvas, with the participation of Greek and foreign poets.

When the Poets’ Circle was founded in 2012, it set as its primary goal the continuous and public communication of poetry with the wider public. Within this framework, the Athens World Poetry Festival was materialized, featuring, ever since, the ‘dream team’ of world poetry, with internationally renowned poets from around the world. 

During the festival, numerous public events – such as readings, workshops, music, visual arts and more – are hosted at several venues around the city so that poetry becomes a vital part of everyday life, emphasizing on the importance of poetry in difficult times, while also contributing to the extroversion of the Greek poetry, to dialogue between different traditions and the promotion of Greek cultural traditions abroad.