Poetry Moon

22 – 25 August 2024

- Helsinki, Finland -

Poetry Moon is an international, multiart literary festival spread throughout Helsinki, Finland. At Poetry Moon, poetry and literature encounters music, art and theatre. The theme of the festival varies yearly. The main focus is in poetry and other marginal genres, such as essay, novel or cross genre works. 
Poetry Moon brings out new voices, new forms and experiences and encourages poets and writers to collaborate with each other and with other artist. Creating an open, accepting and interesting atmosphere for each performer and member of audience to experience literature and to meet new people are very important at Poetry Moon.

The festival program consists of events and performances, discussions, workshops, exhibitions and diverse activities such as school visits and campaigns. The activities are mainly concentrated at a couple of venues to be easily accessible. A pop-up poetry shop and poetry on rails campaign in metros and trams are recurrent parts of the program. The organization is made by Nuoren Voiman Liitto in cooperation with more than 50 partners and cooperators.

The festival offers annually 30-50 separate events with 100-150 performers and gathers annually an audience of 7000-15000 people. The events are partly cost free, partly with tickets for 5-15 €.