Festival of Hope 1 / 27 April 2020

Pirate Care and the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Speakers: Emina Bužinkić, Iva Marčetić and Ana Vilenica 

Moderator: Tomislav Medak

'Pirate care' stands for collective practices that are pushing back against the various aspects of neoliberal crisis of care. They help migrants survive at sea and land, provide pregnancy terminations where they are illegal, offer health support where institutions fail, liberate knowledge where access is denied. They collectivise care labour in imaginative ways. With their guests Emina Bužinkć, Iva Marčetić and Ana Vilenica the initiators of Pirate Care Valeria Graziano, Marcell Mars and Tomislav Medak discuss experiences, actions and demands emeringing from these practices in the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion focuses particularly on safety and shelter -- an update on the housing struggles in Croatia and Serbia and the dire conditions on the Balkan migration route.



Pirate Care

Pirate Care aims to activate collective learning processes from the situated knowledge of these practices. With that aim we have initiated a collective syllabus, the first part of which was written in November during a writing retreat organised by Drugo More (HR) in Rijeka and launched on March 8th for the opening of the “...of bread, wine, cars, security and peace” exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien. The syllabus, an expanding work-in-progress, currently includes topics of criminalisation of solidarity, debt and housing struggles, commoning care-work and child-care, psychosocial autonomy, community safety from racialising policing, transfeminist hacking, hormone toxicity and bodily sovereignty, gender equality in tech milieus and politicising digital piracy.