In times of crisis it is very important to give comfort to others. One word or gesture can make a big difference here. Especially now language gains a deeper meaning. A song text, a film quotation or a poem moves us much more strongly now. The films in this programme are intended to give hope and comfort. It is a selection of the best poetry films that have been shown in previous editions of the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival.

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Unfed (AUS 2005) by Jason Lam

A Galaxy Over There (UK 2009) by Martin Earle

The Thing With Feathers (D 2014) by Rain Kencana, Jalaudin Trautman, Miguel Angelo Pate

Why I Write (CAMBODIA 2011) by Masahiro Sugano

Quälen / Torturing (D 2013) by Rebecca Blöcher

100% Hastroenie / 100% MOOD (BUL 2015) by Dmitry Yagodin

In Damascus (D, Syria 2014) by Waref Abu Quba

bitterbessie dagbreek / Bitter-berry daybreak (ZA 2014) by Roger van der Merwe, Dewald van der Merwe

Refugee Blues (UK, FR 2016) by Stephan Bookas, Tristan Daws

Steel and Air (USA 2015) by Nick Libbey, Chris Libbey

Solstice Sol Invictus (UK 2018) by Sarah Tremlett

How Do You Raise A Black Child? (USA 2016)