Saša Ilić

was born in 1972 in Jagodina. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. Writer and journalis. He has the stories Predosećanje građanskog rata (The prevision of the civil war, 2000), Dušanovac. Pošta (Dušanovac. Post office, 2015), Lov na ježeve (Urchin Hunt, 2015) and the novels Berlinsko okno (Berlin Window, 2005/2006) and Pad Kolumbije (Fall of Columbia, 2010) Saša Ilić has also edited Pseći vek (The century of the dog, 2000), a collection of stories from narrators born after 1970. He was one of the founders and editors (till October 2013) of the literary supplement Beton. In December 2013. with Alida Bremer he founded Beton International – newspaper for literature and society. Lives in Belgrade.

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