To read / 25 March 2024

Facts & Land



sleepwalkers and husks 
of mans’ ancient power 
fill border towns
with hundreds of healthy bodies
ready for war

a century-old fear crawls among them:
hot firearms squeezing against their cheeks 
leaving the shore from their mothers, scared wifes 
their oldest sons, their tiny daughters

in front of a sheet of paper
drawing our flag and stars in the sky
and in de-occupied yellow fields 

and they realize faith put upon men’s shoulders
will sprout boundlessly in every heart
multiplying by hundreds in the speeches of artists 
and restorers of our ‘tomorrow’


for in faith 
you find power


for in truth 
you find victory



It burns, screams and bleeds
among panel ruins –
the country’s heart

humming, knocking
against blackened walls;
the wide fields are alone
as they lull the seeds
of its grief:

the agony
of unsprouted compassion. 

Translated into English by Alice Haida and Kateryna Kishchynska.


Taras Ril

Taras Ril is an Ukrainian author. Here are some of his works:

Poetry collection Біла книжечка (The White Book, 2022)

Art book Рефлексія тилу (The Reflection of the Rear, co-author Lviv artist Oleg Kira)

Novel Скажи, скажи: ні! (2024)

Podcast Складочки на літературі (The Creases on Literature, in cooperation with Urban Space Radio)

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