To read / 13 December 2023

A Mystery & I am not there (without me)


A Mystery

All is a mystery, hiding in plain sight
Life vanishes as I don’t live by
What is seen, changes
Barrel touches my brow, bullet points my heart
Death whispers my name
I hear my voice as I stay silent
If all is water, thirst is fair
Everything is in all things
All conditions come to a suspense
I tell life the things it’s not aware
Can’t reach to a seed that I raise
The truth screams life
I’m enchanted as I grow dying
Soul calls for a body, body calls
I squeeze in to your lanes, out of breath
My thoughts think of living
What I don’t have, looks at me with desire
If only my brain could eradicate the people who aren’t there
My force of life is utterly said
They who push nerves have nervous flesh
A person can’t get over one

I am not there (without me)

Our fault is living for the first time
Life passes by before us
Everyone re-lives the life, leaves death to the last.
My dreams are either behind or before me
Poor can’t see what is there
To share what you have is to fulfil
As we do things, things left behind
Searching for myself in a life
Can’t dismiss, can’t love, can’t swear
Can’t live what’s not there
Everything is on me, this too
What’s everything without me?

Translated by Şafak Ekmen


Can Yiğit Tunçman

Can Yiğit Tunçman was born on February 21, 1985 in Istanbul. After graduating from the Department of German Teaching at Marmara University, he studied English Language and Literature at Istanbul Kültür University, and received a master’s degree in the same department at Istanbul Aydın University. He has made a big noise in Turkey with his novel Yazcan Yazıoğlu, published in 2021 and telling the mysterious story of a writer with the ability to manage letters and numbers. The book has been translated into English, German, Swedish, Arabic, Persian and Malay languages. He participated in the Frankfurt Book Fair, Struga Poetry Evenings, Malaysia Selangor Book Fair, Sharjah Book Fair and many other national and international poetry and literary festivals. 


Can Yiğit Tunçman, whose many poems and stories are featured in leading national and international magazines, continues his writing studies in Istanbul.