Olga Povoroznyk

- Ukraine -

Olga Povopoznyk

Film director, poetess, painter.

She was born in Lviv on Noverber, 3 1986.

Poems by Olga Povoroznyk were published in the journal “Dzvin”, Lviv Book Forum Almanac, books: «М'якуш. Антологіясучасної української смакової поезії» (“Flesh. Anthology of modern Ukrainian taste poetry”), «Антологія Молодої РеспублікиПоетів» (“Anthology of Poets’ Young Republic”), «New York Elegies: Ukrainian Poems on the City, edited by Ostap Kin».

A finalist of the Young Republic of Poets in 2009, 2010, 2010 and poetry contest organized by the publishing house “Krok” in 2015.

A poetry film with personal poems “The Name of Water” was a debut in cinematograph, the premier of which took place in New York in autumn 2015 in The Shevchenko Scientific Society.  

2015 – the first feature documentary film “I see” was shot, the premier of which took place at The United Nations General Assembly, New York, within the framework of special event “Possibilities beyond disability”.

2016 – Master diploma thesis “Innovative approach in creating cultural product” was defended at Lviv Business School, Ukrainian Catholic University.

In autumn 2017, a short poetry film "Веретільниця" (“Slowworm”) won the first price at the national contest of International videopoetry Festival “Cyclop” in Kyiv.

In December 2017, Ukrainian Canadian Film Festival in Ottawa opened with a documentary film “I see”. The film “I see” is the first Ukrainian documentary film with a descriptive video in Ukrainian and English. 

In spring 2018, the first solo-exhibition of graphic works  «Криві» (“The curves”) took place.

2019 – A bilingual book of poetry by Zhenia Vasylkivska “Короткі Віддалі/ Krótkie Dystanse” (“Short distances”) with Polish translation by Tadei Karabovych and illustrustion graphics by Olga Povoroznyk came out in Poland.

Also in 2019, a videopoetry with poems «Профспілка сталеварів Америки» (“The smelter workers trade union of America”) by Olga Povoroznyk and «Кентавр» (“Centaur”) by Ostap Slyvynsky was created by the office “Lviv - UNESCO city of literature”. The work presented Lviv at the project of cities of literature, dedicated to World Poetry Day, which was initiated by the city of Granada, Spain.  

A presentation of the first book of poems «The Name Of Water» (Krok - An Independent Publisher) was held 2019 September 22 at the Les Kurbas Theatre at the Book Forum Lviv.