Zsuzsa Emese Csobánka

- Hungary -

Zsuzsa Emese Csobánka is a poet, writer and teacher. She graduated from Loránd Eötvös University, Budapest as a Certified teacher of Hungarian grammar and literature with MSs degree and from the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest. In 2016 she has also finished her doctorate program from Science of Education Doctoral Program at Loránd Eötvös University. The topic of her thesis was: Opportunities of teaching contemporary literature in class.

As a scholar, she has been in Cracow (Jadwiga Fund, Poland and Balassi Campus, Hungary), in 2013 she has also been a Pilsen 2015 Fellow in Nectiny (Czech Republic), she participated in Kikinda Short Story Festival (Serbia), too. She received several Hungarian Literature Scholarships for her short stories.

Books: 2009. Bog(poems) Szoba Publisher 2011. Cold evils(poems) Kalligram Publisher 2011. His finger into me(novel) PRAE.HU + JAK 2013. Almost Auschwitz(novel) Kalligram Publisher 2014. The missing body(novel) Kalligram Publisher, Everyharbor(poems) Kalligram Publisher, 2015.