Lou Raoul

- France -

Lou Raoul is a French poet. She was born in 1964, in a bilingual French-Breton environment which shaped her perception of life. Her experience of the world, from a very early stage, was influenced by the languages that people customarily speak. Her writing brings Breton close to French and expresses Breton through French. It wavers between narrative and poetic prose and, via the use of characters, delves into the issues of identity and otherness.

Lately, some of her texts have included words from other languages such as English and Croatian.

She has published ten books since 2010, and was awarded the PoésYvelines prize in 2013 for Else avec elle.

Lou Raoul gives public readings, takes part in literary encounters and writing residences, hosts writing and speaking workshops, and works in collaboration with other artists – for instance her musical reading kim m'apprivoise (kim tames me) with musician Kham Meslien –, and as a visual artist with her “livre pauvre” collection, Ko:ra, which she created in 2012 and where she invites other poets.

Her blog http://friches-et-appentis.blogspot.com/ is an open window on her own fields and on other worlds as well.


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Otok (Island), Éditions Isabelle Sauvage, 2017

Most (Bridge), Éditions La Dragonne, 2016

Kim m'apprivoise (Kim Tames Me), Approches Éditions, 2015

Traverses (Crossties), Éditions Isabelle Sauvage, 2014

Exsangue (Bloodless), Éditions Pré # Carré, 2012

Else avec elle (Else With Her), Éditions Isabelle Sauvage, 2012

Else comme absentée (Else as Absentee), Éditions Henry, 2011

Les jours où Else (The Days When Else), Éditions Isabelle Sauvage, 2011

Sven, Éditions Gros Textes, 2011

Ouvert l'album (Opened The Album), 2011

Roche Jagu / Roc'h Ugu, Éditions Encres Vives, 2010