/ 19 June 2015

»Benvenuti al festival!«

Austrian poet Regina Hilber reporting from Parole Spalancate

Foto: (from left to right)

Regina Hilber (Austria)
Maria Barnas (Netherlands)
Claudio Pozzani (Festival director)
Sigurbjörg Thrastardóttir (Island)


Versopolis poet Regina Hilber was invited to Parole Spalancate in Genoa. And she enjoyed it a lot.

She tells about her experiences:

„Benvenuti al festival!“, that’s how Claudio Pozzani welcomes every arriving poet at Genoa and they are coming from everywhere all over Europe, America and Arabic speaking countries like Algeria, Tunisia, but also from Libanon and Iraq. More than 40 poets are invited and it’s a big safari: it’s a non stop poetic trip. Not an up & down like the picturesque streets and alleys in Genoa – this Safari comes as a permanent  adventure with unexpected poetic moments. „È tutto poesia!“ – it’s all poetry. 

Contemporary poetry is not a romantic field. Quite the contrary. Critically and politically inspired poems distinguish the 21st international festival of Poetry in Genoa.

On June 13th the festival moved to the nearby city Savona: four stages located in the historical centre and a big show down on Piazza Sisto IV were hosting more than 20 poets.

Parole Spalancate is to be continued until June 21st. Go for it!