/ 29 August 2017

The Future of Versopolis

The Extension of the Platform Project

Dear poetry lovers and readers,

it is official now – the Versopolis EU co-funding grant is extended for another four years. The poetry platform that has been with you for three years now and the one and a half year old European Review of Poetry, Books and Culture that has offered you a wide array of texts to reflect on will keep on flourishing and developing. All of the 13 members are thrilled to receive this grant and to continue working on what they think is the most valuable – poetry and culture.

The Versopolis application received a high score, which is an acknowledgement of the Versopolis team's previous and future work.

The platform of poetry festivals Versopolis was launched in 2015 and entailed 11 European member festivals which promoted 55 authors and their poetry, united under its motto »where poetry lives«. In the second year, two new festivals joined the platform, nominating five Versopolis poets each, whereas the already established festivals nominated three each. In the third year the number of nominated poets has risen to 134. With the extension of the project, more and more emerging authors from Europe will be promoted and receive a chance to get their works translated into a wide array of European languages.

In 2016, the poetry platform extended into the European Review of Poetry, Books and Culture, thereby assuring a firm presence among the European readership. In the future the Review will launch a podcast, collaborate with bloggers, vloggers and host more and more convincing, fresh and already established European writers.

Thank you, Europe, for your trust.