/ 28 January 2016

Five New Poets at the Literatur&Wein Festival

An international crowd

For the second year of Versopolis Literaturhaus NÖ chose another

five poets for taking part at the festival „Literatur & Wein“.

From Slovenia we invited Ana Pepelnik, a poet and translator who

already knows Krems as she had been Writer-In-Residence of

Literaturhaus NÖ in summer 2013.

Another guest will be Tiziano Fratus, who lives in a small village at the

foot of the Italian Alps. His poetry is very strongly connected with nature.

Have a look at:

Dagmara Kraus was born in Poland and raised there and in Germany.

She has published two books of poetry so far.

From South Wales Meirion Jordan will come and join the festival. His

writing explores how margins can represent everything from separation

of past and present to the boundaries between memory and forgetting,

having and losing.

And last but not least we are looking forward to welcome Istanbul-born

Zehra Cirak in Krems. She moved to Germany at the age of three. Since

1982 she resides and works in Berlin with the visual artist Jürgen Walter.