Brave New Literatures 2022 / 7 March 2022

The Paper Lab and ContentoDesign

Brave New Literatures Festival

The website collects Daniela Calisi's digital literature experiments some of which date back to 1999. The corpus of Web Poetries, originally in Flash, has recently been restructured with versions usable by new browsers and mobile devices thanks to Roberta Iadevaia's intervention.

The PaperLab, founded by Daniela Calisi for the Miranda association, is a laboratory of editorial experimentation working on the prototyping of writing and reading interfaces for interactive publishing through the techniques and methods of digital craftsmanship, numerical control production, motion graphics and infodesign.
The Paper Lab deals with projects associated with new, hybrid, analogue and post-digital technologies and with alternative forms of promotion to cultural marketing. 
The interactive storytelling media of The Paper Lab are built with a circular economy approach inspired by the Hands on philosophy: circumvent the restrictions, disassemble the machine, discover something new.

Daniela Calisi's interactive webpoems (in Italian, the last one in English) available under the following links: