Brave New Literatures 2022 / 6 March 2022

Expedition Equilibrium

Brave New Literatures Festival

Expedition Equilibrium is an ode to freeing oneself from the weight of contemporary society; computer screens, mobile phones, numerous tech gadgets filling up our free daily moments, noisy subway tubes, fast cars stuck in slow traffic, highspeed internet connection moving a tsunami of information to our brain cells and the cultural imperative of career building and living our ideal lives on various social platforms. "Each second counts, every minute matters, all passing moments should be spent productively on meetings, countless (virtual) conferences, and rapid output delivery. Time is money; money is time." In this performative voyage, the artist Valerie Wolf Gang provokes us to seek equilibrium of expected social norms, creative independence, freeing oneself from the urban society, physical limitations of body, mind, and integrity. Away from the urban life, high above the clouds, she seeks freedom, a universal language of equality and balance, to find perfect harmony and deliver a new space for fresh ideas. With the reconnection process of diving into the wild, with a hefty dose of fresh air, escaping the digital screens, she creates a poetic experimental video and a performance in which she invites the public to join her on a quest to explore this new post-Covid world and restart the society. Typing, coding, and writing become a new mantra for renewing the body and reconnecting it with the brains, to rewire the mind-body connection and reconnect with the physical and virtual space surrounding us and continuously expanding.