Video / 28 February 2022

Hidden Averse

Brave New Literatures Festival

In "Hidden Averse," my Virtual Reality verse experience, I merge spatial computing and poetic codes. Created as an ekphrastic interaction with Gaston Bachelard's "The Poetics of Space," I offer a lyrical meditation on the riddle of shells—a spiraling triangulation of curiosity, intimacy, and fear. Ben Richter's musical score adds a mysterious tonal soundscape as the 3D verse hides yet wants to be read, quivering magnetically over a digital lagoon. Mining the inverted spatialities of dreams, the shell's interior becomes exterior; the X/Y axis collapses. My tools include the Oculus Quest VR platform, Tilt Brush VR app, Sketchfab 3D modeling system, and the Movavi video editing suite. Music: by Ben Richter (