Brave New Literatures 2022 / 1 February 2022

Dreaming Methods

Brave New Literatures Festival

Between 2019-2021 Dreaming Methods (writers/artists Andy Campbell and Judi Alston) produced a series of interactive visual poems that run in the web browser, many of which feature evocative soundtracks by musician Barry Snaith. 

The poems as a collection explore the concept of manipulative human behaviour patterns and rut psychology.

Aphiddd: a browser-based digital poem that uses a series of natural textures/shapes and animated texts to uncover the nature of a parasitic human connection.

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Magpiiie: a work of digital poetry that explores the pursuit of 'success' and other materialistic things. The piece uses photo-scanned twigs and branches fused with repeating lines of poetry and spoken word to create a tightly-woven 'nest' that can be explored using the mouse and your mouse’s scroll wheel.

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The End: A spherical digital poem that gets slowly consumed by a ravaging parasite. Use the mouse and your mouse's scroll-wheel to navigate.

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Stasssis: Rendered in realtime 3D and using fragmentation and particle effects, Stasssis is a sound-toy, digital poem, and interactive art installation. The work features animated texts and slowly exploding chess pieces alongside an evocative warping soundtrack.

Original version of Stasssis:

Glass Chess Piece edition: