Video / 19 January 2022

Climatophosis/ KorczakDramatist (@KorczakD)/ Pope Lost Hope

Brave New Literatures Festival

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Climatophosis is a digital poetry expressed in French and English. It’s inspired by the current climate change in the world. In fact, this title is coined from climate and metamorphosis i.e. change of climate. It affects rainfall in the North-Eastern Nigeria. Noticeably, for about two decades ago, it has been raining from May to October with little rainfall but now it’s from June to November with rainfall volumes increased to the extent that new variety of crops are needed to fit the new climate.

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KorczakDramatist (@KorczakD) is Twitterbot-playwright that generates dialogical and sequential tweets of conversation about children rights in accordance with the Janusz Korczak's concepts and philosophy in the interval of 30 minutes.

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Pope lost hope: The world is in chaos because of Covid-19 and climate change, i.e. climatophosis. These two phenomena are the spirits behind this e-poem. “Pope Lost Hope” is a digital poem for the environmental revolution so that no one will despair like the pope again. The pope who is supposed to give his followers hope lost hope, stopped public mass then asked the faithful to communicate direct to the Heavens without priestly intercessions.