Sommertid - Copenhagen International Poetry Festival

5 April 2024

- Copenhagen, Denmark -

We want ‘Sommertid’ to become Denmark’s main festival for poetry.

Danish and international poets meet up in Copenhagen, and you are invited to talks, readings and concerts during the entire weekend.

We will be starting the days with breakfast and singing songs around the piano, we’ll have tea and poetry quizzes in the afternoon and dinner with amazing wines – and best of all, you are invited to intimate readings together with the poets.

We hope that the international outlook of the festival can help introduce the Danish readers to varied poetic expressions and at the same time be an inspiring meeting for the poets participating – all in favor of the further development of Danish poetry.

We mean, that Denmark becomes a poorer placer when the poetry fills less. That’s why it’s important that we as a society, as media, as schools and institutions stand together in showing the relevance of poetry – and new ways of how poetry and audience can meet.

Our festival is called ‘Sommertid’ – ‘Summer Time’ – because it takes place the weekend, where we advance our clocks an hour. but also because we like the idea of changing times.

A big thanks to the Danish Arts Foundation, Copenhagen Municipality and Nørrebro Local Committee for support.

About LiteraturHaus:

LiteraturHaus is located in a closed church on Nørrebro, Copenhagen. It is a house that has been dedicated to literature since 2005. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, we have just restored parts of the church, and we are ready for even more literary events under the motto ‘Wiser Together’.

LiteraturHaus and Sommertid Poetry Festival is run by Thorkil Jacobsen. Contact: