Our Pandemic visualises the experiences of 5 migrant worker poets expressed through their poetry and translated into illustrations in partnership with local artists in Singapore.
The poets involved are Md Sharif, Sugiarti Mutiarjo, Shy Lhen Esposo, Hou Wei and N Rengarajan. The artists involved are @Joy Ho (@feever_dreem) @Hiba (@rose_kulfi) @Sarah (@shrimptoastpie) @Shian (@shiaaaan) @Marie (@flesssh).

#OurPandemic was conceptualized and curated by Abhishek Bajaj (From A Good Space), Joy Ho, Tsen-Waye Tay, Kari Tamara Chua (From Sama Sama), Ou Ningfei (Labour Arty), and Shivaji Das (From Global Migrant Festival).

Sugi Hiba's reading

Shy Sarah's reading

Sharif Joy's reading

Renga Marie's reading

Hou Wei's reading