Arizona After the Raid: A cooperation of the writer Marilena Zackheos with the photographer Nicos Philippou, within the framework of Sardam festival’s 2019 edition.

Unser Dankeschön: A literary performance by Mara Genschel and Dovydas Laurinaitis, within the framework of Sardam Festival’s Residency programme 2019.

Metamorphose: The project is a collaboration between the writer and intermedia artist Kinga Toth and the photograph Kaspar Mattmann and explores in text and picture the relationship between the human and nature, the borderlands of living and non-living and the isolation and alienation we have to face both in society in general and in the current times. The series is inspired by the practice of catholic nuns creating artistic dioramas using everyday household objects and domestic waste. The main focus in the work lies on the objectification and distortion of the human form, as well as on the subjectification of the artists’ domestic waste material and the symbiotic relationship that is constructed in the process. The photo is shot on Kodak Portra 400.

Blue: A poem essay and meditation on the colour of home in times of hopelessness, by the writer and artist Ana Cavic (audio). Photos by Miha Colner.