Poems from the inside out. From home to the rest of the city. From Europe to the rest of the world. From the poet to his audience, wherever they are at this very moment. 

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Deborah Vúkusic reading at Nexos, 2014.

Peru Saizprez reading at POETAS Festival, 2013

Sirenes decrèpites | Josep Pedrals and Xavi Lloses

Voice and poem of Violeta Gil. Part of the poem "Ojalá pudiera ser como Blanca Varela" from the collection "Antes de que tiréis mis cosas" 2019.

BOMBING OF POEMS (Bombardeo de Poemas), a collaboration between POETAS festival and Colectivo Casagrande. Poetic Action celebrated in 2018  at La Plaza Mayor of Madrid.