Festival of Hope / 25 April 2020

Casino Extended: Poetisch Politisch

Authors discuss the meanings of being “Poetisch politisch” (poetic political).

Athena Farrokhzad's reading

What does it mean to write politically engaged texts? Does apolitical literature even exist? Which voices are heard in the literary world and which are not? How can the voices of the marginalized be made audible – not only in the context of art, but also in politics and society? Why is this important and how can solidarity be manifested in writing? And what are the pitfalls of such projects?

Ghayath Almadhoun's reading

In this way, the authors also provide insight into their work and the questions that arise in the space between poetology and politics. They occupy the digital LCB and offer the opportunity to be part of polyphonic and stimulating discussions and readings. Either daily during airtime or straight away: we open the doors to the home of political literature and invite you to explore it.

Max Czollek's reading