Take a poem in Swedish, translate it into 9 languages, then back into Swedish. Is it still the same poem? How polyphonic is it now? We wanted to give it a try. Athena Farrokhzad’s poem was retranslated by Anne Marie Schulz, John Magnus R. Dahl, Lydia Schenk, Pierre Fankhauser, Sasha Blue, Aimée Plukker, Manuel Sánchez García, Laura Repovš, AljaĆŸ Koprivnikar and Ulla Lundquist-Rosenqvist.

"Loop It Baby!" is an ongoing experiment, coordinated by Elodie Glerum and Ed Wige. This international project involves translation and poetry and aims at virtually bringing us together, in our literary world still deeply affected by Covid-19. Throughout 2021, we wish to explore new forms of "loops" highlighting contemporary poets. If you’re a translator, a poet, a writer, an academic, and/or an artist with unusual linguistic pairs (or even more common ones), don’t hesitate to contact us contact.loopitbaby@gmail.com. We would be happy to welcome you in future loops!