Festival of Hope 2 / 2 March 2021

Sardam presenting Katia Sophia Ditzler: Visitation

A performative 360º poetry film

Festival of Hope 2

I. Denial: 0'04"

II. Anger: 2'03"

III. Bargaining: 4'03"

IV. Depression: 6'01"

V. Acceptance: 8'00"

Visitation (I-V) is a performative poetry film cycle consisting of 5 parts, corresponding to the stages of grief after the Kübler-Ross model.

Each part is designed in a certain color:

I. Denial is red,

II. Anger is yellow,

III. Bargaining is green,

IV. Depression is blue,

V. Acceptance is violet.

This corresponds to the four (and an additional one) elements in Western culture as well as the five elements known in Chinese culture.

The basis of the films is the number 5 and its iterations.

Numerical mystical elements and compositional principles are woven in.

Each sound collage consists of 5 different sounds, which are arranged in space.

The poems are in English, the "anti-capitalist intermezzi" in Russian.

The latter are written in the style of an antiquated Russian language course, but the content is absurd and evocative of Soviet political slogans.

Emptiness is being played with, as well as irritation. There is no certainty:

The illusion of immersion is constantly being broken. The hemispheres move towards and away from each other, the universe of "Visitation" gets more and more confusing.

There are many hidden meanings, either in sequences of numbers, or based on the choice of secondary videos that serve as disturbing elements at first glance, but add narrative layers.

The first performance, Denial, in red, corresponds to the element fire. It takes place in a garden, a telescope is balanced on a trampoline, invisible stars are viewed. The associated secondary videos are e.g. of a bonfire and an Ukrainian currency exchange.

The second performance, Anger, in yellow, corresponds to the (western) element air, or wood according to Chinese element theory.

It takes place in the Melbourne Anarchist Club, a ball of wool is taken, measured and cut off. This should remind both of the red thread of the Greek legendary character Ariadne, as well as the norns, who decide a human being’s life span: the first by spinning a thread, the second by measuring it, the third by cutting it off. The associated videos are e.g. wooden structures and Javanese Wayang Kult puppets.

The third performance, Bargaining, in green, corresponds to the element earth. It takes place on a windy beach on the Pacific Ocean shore next to a ferry. Toilet paper is being wrapped around the performer’s body. The associated videos are, for example, plants.

The fourth performance, Depression, in blue, corresponds to the element of water. It takes place in a closed alley, flyers are torn, the performer takes money out of her bra and tosses it on the ground. The associated videos are e.g. of the Euro monument of the Frankfurt banking district, the sea, lights, and in-flight information.

The fifth performance, Acceptance, in violet, corresponds to the (western) element spirit, or metal according to the Chinese element theory.

It takes place on the steep bank of the Yarra River, wrinkles are painted on the face. The associated videos are, for example, flowers, padlocks, and Australian Reality TV scenes.

There are also running gags: In addition to the anti-capitalist interludes, a person with a fur hat appears who does gymnastics exercises. A figure that symbolizes death always tries to harm herself, but fails each time.

Voice artists:

Intermezzi: Dunia Dunaev

I.: Josh Mitchell

II.: Dmitri Cherkasski

III.: Jude Keane

IV.: Zane Simmill

V.: Simon Berman


Sardam Festival

SARDAM, deriving from the greek word σαρδάμ (meaning 'verbal slip'), is an annual interdisciplinary literature festival, based in Cyprus (founded in 2013 by the writer Maria A. Ioannou and the artistic group 'aRttitude'). The festival, which received the EFFE LABEL 2019-2020 as one of the remarkable festivals of Europe, presents the work of writers from Cyprus and abroad in performative and interdisciplinary ways: slam poetry, sound poetry, live reading and contemporary dance, videopoetry, text and electronics, interactive writing-related software and so on. SARDAM festival is open to any kind of literary innovation and experimentation, as long as it has meaning and literary quality. Writers and artists from different parts of the world collaborate, challenging the boundaries of what literature is and how it is presented/performed. Besides showcasing evenings full of alternative literary readings/performances in different cities of Cyprus, SARDAM festival also presents exciting creative writing and performance writing workshops, as well as parallel events. Guests of honour of the festival's previous editions were Katalin Ladik (Yoko Ono Prize 2016), Giovanni Fontana ('epigenetic poetry') and Tomomi Adachi (Ars Electronica Prize 2019). More info: www.sardamcy.wordpress.com.