Festival of Hope 2 / 23 February 2021

Universal Poem

Festival of Hope 2

Universal Poem is an artistic and social project that consists of offering to people the possibility of writing a verse each, with the aim of creating the poem of our species. It is, of course, an endless poem that already counts with more than 12000 verses from over 392 different countries since its beginning on the 30th of December 2020. We believe that UP can serve as a tool for anyone to rise up their voice. All you have to do is enter the web "universalpoem.com" and write a 70 characters verse. It can also be done from Twitter by using the hashtag "writeUP". We have an inclusive vocation and we believe that Universal Poem can work as a tool for anyone to rise up their voice, no matter which difficulties they are going through.



In POETAS, we believe that poetry can be produced in many different ways beyond the text itself. That is why our festival, which has taken place both in Madrid (Spain) and in several countries in Latin America, gathers dance, music and of course, scenic poetry. A great number of publishing houses, artists and cultural centres have collaborated with us throughout the years, making of POETAS the real hub for poetry that is today after 15 years of existence. Furthermore, thanks to its presence in VERSOPOLIS, it also allows for the international communication and mobility of young and promising poets.