Roman Malynovsky

Roman Malynovsky is an author and publisher. He is co-founder of Publishing House «The Library of Babel» where he is an editor-in-chief and publishing project Civilization. In 2008 Roman worked with «King George Community Foundation» as a head of literature projects, he coordinated creating books for blind people and projects specializing in human rights. He is co-founder a literature magazine «Paper cuckoo». In 2015 he won the writers scholarship of Polish Minister of Culture«Gaude Polonia». As part of a scholarship he was working on a project where he was researching the feeling of threat among different people, cultures, genders and nationalities. In his works he continues developing a topic of fears in geopolitics sense as he believes that global contemporary fears are the universal factor for all people in the world regardless of social status and ethnic origin, territory of residence or religion. In 2017 his short-story “East Wood” dedicated to the topic of War-conflict in Eastern Ukraine was included to the short list of “Kraina” magazine contest that recognizes the best short-stories of the year in Ukraine.

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