Our Pandemic

Global Migrant Festival provides a platform for broader, critical, human-centric perspectives and dialogues on migration, in context of often vitriolic narratives that have dominated discussions on migration in Asia and across the world. The first-ever Global Migrant Festival was launched in Singapore in 2018; the second edition (2020) will feature and an array of cultural performances, talks, films and panel discussions involving artists, economic migrants, refugees, academic experts and community advocates from non-profit organisations.

Sama Sama redefines the narrative of migrant workers as unconventional leaders. In collaboration with NGO HealthServe, the campaign guides the public to see migrant workers in a different light and #morethan their roles in Singapore. Sama Sama means “Same Same”,  drawing parallels between the aspirations of migrant workers and ourselves.

Labour Arty is a group of passionate individuals based in Singapore devoted to bridging communities and cultures through various art forms.

A Good Space (AGS) is a co-operative (registration pending) that brings together active citizens, community based organisations, social enterprises, companies and anyone concerned about social problems to create the Singapore of our dreams, together.

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