Ilmar Taska

surprised the literary world with his autobiographical novella Parem kui elu (Better than Life) in 2011. In 2014 he won the Estonian annual literature prize for his short story Pobeda. His short story collection More beautiful than life (Skönare än livet) was a critical success in Sweden in 2014. In 2015 his short story Apartment for Rent was selected as one of the best European short stories, to be published in Best European Fiction 2016 (Dalkey Archives Press).

In 2016 his novel Pobeda 1946 (A Car Called Victory) is a critical success in Estonia. The fact that it crowned Estonian`s bestseller list of fiction for several months surely says something also of its reception.

In the midst of these achievements, other creative muses have bowed down before Taska’s talents, which have already earlier reached far beyond Estonia’s shores even to Los Angeles, where has co-written and produced a film for 20th Century Fox. Taska is a multifaceted Renaissance man, active in the film, theatre, art and literary fields.

Ilmar Taska is a unique phenomenon of literary landscape, an Estonian writer who can truly be considered international in terms of of his work, since the breadth of his talent reaches beyond the boundaries of conventional writing.

Ilmar Taska`s stories have been translated into English, Swedish, Danish, Latvian, Russian, Chinese and Bulgarian. Next year his novel is coming out also in Finnish by WSOY (Bonnier).