Dainius Gintalas


Dainius Gintalas (1973) – poet, translator, art and literary critic.
In 1995 he finished his studies of Lithuanian language and literature at Vilnius University. In 1998-2000 he studied Art History and Theory in Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. In 2000 he had a thought of non professional painters association called “Maskoliškių meno frontas“. He is member of the art movement “Sintezija”. In 1997, he published Angis (Viper), a book of poetry, in 2007 published a second book of poetry Boa, which was awarded the Young Yotvingian Prize and the Literary Hat Prize. The third book of poetry Adatos (The Needles) became the Book of the Year in the category of poetry (2016). D. Gintalas has written librettos for several diverse genres of musical performance. As a translator, he was awarded the prize of the festival Poetry Spring for the world poetry translations (2016).

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