Tiziano Fratus

Bergamo, Italy

Tiziano Fratus (Bergamo, 1975) lives in a little village at the foot of the Italian Alps. Touching the Silent Forests of Conifers in California he has coined the concepts of Homo Radix (Rootman) and Alberografia (Treegraphy) writing several books published by Italian most important Publishers. Among them: Manuale del perfetto cercatore d’alberi (Handbook for a Perfect Tree Seeker, Feltrinelli), L’Italia è un bosco (Italy is a Wood, Laterza), Il libro delle foreste scolpite (The Book of Carved Forests, Laterza). Forthcoming book is titled Ogni albero è un poeta (Every Tree is a Poet, Mondadori). He has published books of poetry as Il Molosso. Poema d’un’anima (The Molossus. Poem of a Soul), Il Vangelo della Carne (Flesh Gospel). La staticità dei pesci martello (Static Nature of Hammerhead Sharks), Il lupo di Trana e altre poesie naturali (The Wolf from Trana and other natural Poems), Un quaderno di radici (A Notebook of Roots) and Arborgrammaticus. Poesie in forma di seme (Arbogrammaticus. Poems in shape of a Seed). His poetry has been translated to seven languages, published in anthologies – Doubleskin (Singapore), Poèmes chuchotés sur la berge du Po (Lugano), Viaggio in Italia. Ocho poetas italianos contemporaneos (Buenos Aires) – and in international journals as «Gradiva», «Tabacaria», «DiVersos», «Ars Poetica», «Les Citadelles», «Ping Pong / Henry Miller Memorial Library», «Los Angeles Review», «Studium» and «Frau und Hund». A selection in English entitled Creaturing, edited by Francesco Levato (former executive director of the Poetry Center of Chicago) has been published in 2010 in the USA, another in Portuguese, Ninguem sabe de nos, in 2011 in Brazil. He was founded the Turin Poetry Festival working in the years 2006-2010. He’s a columnist of the newspaper La Stampa.

In 2016 Fratus published a new book titled Il sole che nessuno vede. Meditare in natura e Ricostruire il mondo (The Sun which Nobody sees. Meditating in Nature and Rebuilding the World – Ediciclo Editore), second part of the Trilogia degli Alberi-Nube (Cloud-Trees Trilogy). It is a book dedicated to meditation in nature, in his loved woods, near monumental trees and ancient forests, watching lakes, listening rivers, sources and waterfalls, touching different parts of the Italian Landscape.


«In his writing, Fratus is guided by an uncommon urgency and unconditional faith in poetry; his writing doesn't hold back on its energy» - Antonello Borra, University of Vermont

«Tiziano Fratus is a storyteller, and a very compassionate one at that. His books, although structured as collections of poems, have the narrative interest and scale of novels. He has and uncanny, instinctive way of entering other lives, and this is what gives his writing its amazing detail» - Mani Rao, University of Nevada

«Creaturing by Tiziano Fratus is the book of a citizen who is able to look at History through its abstractions and details and find music where others saw propaganda, find humanity where others saw statistics, find remembering alive and afire, among things too many of us are ready to forget […] Tiziano Fratus is a public Poet, a man unafraid of speaking in a full voice of a grown up, something we in the USA often shy away from» - Ilya Kaminski & Kathryn Farris, Web Del Sol Review of Books

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