Christoph W. Bauer


Christoph W. Bauer was born 1968 in Kolbnitz/Carinthia. He grew up in Lienz and Kirchberg in Tyrol and is currently living in Innsbruck. 2015/2016 he was teaching at the "Institut für Sprachkunst" in Vienna.

His works have been awarded with the Prize of the Academy of Graz (2001), with the Reinhard-Priessnitz-Prize (2001) and the Prize for Lyricism by the city of Innsbruck (2002). Most recent prizes: outstanding artist award 2015, Tiroler Landespreis für Kunst 2015 and Kärntner Lyrikpreis 2014.

Furthermore he was honored with the Audience Award of the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize (2002) in Klagenfurt. Christoph W. Bauer was also chief editor of the literary journal "Wagnis". 

Christoph W. Bauer explains his work as a continuation of existing traditions. He identifies himself with a "poeta legens", who finds, changes, renews and continues topics from the world literature.

Book publications since 1999, among others: "mein lieben, mein hassen, mein mittendrin du", poems, Haymon, 2011 and "In einer Bar unter dem Meer", stories, Haymon, 2013. Last publications: "Orange sind die Äpfel blau" (poems, 2015) and "stromern" (poems, 2015), both Haymon Verlag. 

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