Death in Milan

by Dorta Jagić

Death in Milan

Some people are ominously beautiful

like the voice of Marlon Brando

like the aristocratic lunatic asylums,

like a nighttime beech forest,

medieval fortress prisons

like endless parlors

of poisoned casinos.


On the day when they decide,

they flay their lips to God

and leave into darkness

with prey.


When they eat themselves

they curl up like cats

into their warmth

of an extinguished candle.


Their names are

disturbingly graceful

like evening bells in Milan

on the last day of the world:

Ruslana, Nafisa, Hayley,

Daul, Cibele, Belmonte, Miyu,

Ambrose, Viveka, Gia,

Jennifer, Cheyyene.

Translated by Miloš Đuđević and Damir Šodan