Hard Scorpion Rooms

by Dorta Jagić

Hard Scorpion Rooms

                            for A.

apart from the smell of mothball

and the atmosphere of polar night

the room of a hardened agoraphobic

has a characteristic

face of a leech and a hard black carapace.

This is the chitin uniform of the scorpion,

in which in the morning it kisses

its victim and closes the door

as if stinging with its tail.


Whispers to her every day

"don't go at work, don't go anywhere,

do stay home!"

and makes thick coffee of bile

without tongue and guts

soothing with a purr.


Scholarly atheists would bet in all churches

in a hundret knightly suits of armour

and thunderbolts

that such a venomous room

alone would survive an H bomb

and tramp the empty world

happy, inhabited

with only roaches

from our mental institutions.

Translated by Miloš Đuđević and Damir Šodan