Redshift (I)

I have lived until now among
a couple of buildings, on some twenty streets,
in three or four hectares of woodland and meadow.
I haven’t thought – vast spaces are over there,
and a considerable part of them belongs to me.
long have rectangles encircled the horizon,
reproducing the specimen of space visible from here.
now, from this high, dark viewpoint,
I observe the centre from the margin, I realize
the patterns of repetition, the forms of permanence. 
poorly drawn, the trapeze of the city from here to rapska street,
from it to the mosque, from there
to a point in the east (find the angle
opposite the known α) and again to the room where,
momentarily alone, locked up and calm, I look
out of the wide windows. the trapeze will be repeated
infinite times, or a little less, in order to create the city.
it is only from high places, at a small zoom,
that the generic quality of space becomes apparent. 
there will be spawned endlessly that couple of buildings,
some twenty streets, three or four hectares of woodland and meadow.
endlessly those light-bulb factories which, 
with their lights fused together into a single unique copper smudge,
will, every evening, make up the west 


Translated from the Croatian, or written in English by the Author