We were standing

by Goran Čolakhodžić

We were standing

We were standing and using past tense
talking about your death – 
in fact not about it, since it had already happened,
that we wielded as fluently as we did verbs. 

An issue or two wanted solving
related to sowing and spring, to sunlight;
a couple of remarks before setting off to work,
the absence of encouragement your way to show trust.

Only around noon, after the fog,
while you were cutting roots with a shovel,
I remembered I'd cried, also, at night, awoken,
briefly, having turned over the sorrow in the dark like the earth

during autumn digging; it went
back into the humus, like an earthworm.
Now we both push our hands into the supple darkness,
everything’s happened while it still hasn’t, earth is good. 

Translated from the Croatian, or written in English by the Author