Julia Szychowiak

Warsaw, Poland

Julia Szychowiak (b.1986), a poet. Her debut collection Po sobie (After Myself, 2007) received the Silesius Poetry Award and the Prize of the Polish Society of Book Publishers in 2008 as well as the Gazeta Wyborcza wARTo Award in 2009. The collection was previewed by the 2006 pamphlet entitled Poprawiny (The Breakfast After), winner of ‘Połów,’ the project run by the Biuro Literackie Publisher to showcase new poets. In 2009 Szychowiak published Wspólny język (Common Language) and in 2014 Intro, nominated for the 2015 Silesius Poetry Award. Her work appears in various journals and anthologies, such as Poeci na nowy wiek (Poets for a New Century, 2010), Rozkład jazdy. Dwadzieścia lat literatury Dolnego Śląska po 1989 roku  (Itinerary: Twenty Years of the Lower Silesia Literature after 1989, 2012), Miłość nie jest tym słowem (Love Is Not the Word; a bilingual selection of Polish and Bulgarian poetry published after 1989, 2014) and 100 wierszy polskich stosownej długości (One Hundred Polish Poems of Appropriate Length, 2015). Her poems have been translated into English, Spanish, German, Bulgarian and Slovak. She lives in Księżyce and Warsaw.

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