Jakobe Mansztajn

Gdańsk, Poland

Jakobe Mansztajn (born 1982) – Polish poet and blogger. Creator of the blog Make Life Harder. Author of the book of poetry Wiedeński high life (Vienna high life, 2009), awarded the 2010 Silesius Wrocław Poetry Award for the “Debut of the Year” and also nominated for the Gdynia Literary Prize. Winner of the Gazeta Wyborcza competition Sztorm Roku 2010 in literature.  In 2010 a nominee for the City of Gdańsk Award for Young Artists. Between 2009-2012 he was assistant editor of the literary quarterly Korespondencja z ojcem (Correspondence with father). Initiator of the Zjednoczenie Czytelnicze initiative to promote Polish readership.  In December 2014 his second book Studium przypadku (Case Study, 2014) was published, for which he was nominated for the 2014 Splendor Gedanesis Award and the Wisława Szymborska Poetry Award.

He has been translated, among others, into English, German, French and Hebrew. He lives in Gdańsk.

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