Hide and seek

by Ramunė Brundzaitė

Hide and seek

This city is too small to hide in:

you always end up meeting

all of those you want to most –

and all of those you don’t...

Most often at the mall:

there’s so many of them, huge and anonymous

but you still find yourself hiding behind the laundry detergents

(a subtle sign of the soul’s immaculation).

They say it’s best to hide in plain sight

so I position myself next to objectified words

and verbalized people –

there where you can find me most easily

where I have a name, surname, personal ID,

such and such a weight on a neat table of numbers,

a plastic cup of coffee, cigarettes which

we share with our brothers in solitude,

sending them around in a rolling dance...

This city is too small to hide in

and too big to be found.

Translated by Rimas Uzgiris