Ramunė Brundzaitė

Vilnius, Lithuania

Ramunė Brundzaitė was born in 1988 in Vilnius, where she obtained a Bachelor‘s degree in Lithuanian Philology and the Italian language and the Master‘s degree in Intermedial Literature Studies at Vilnius University. In 2013 she won in the contest of the First Book held by the Lithuanian Association for Writers. Her first collection of poetry titled Drugy, mano drauge was awarded the Young Yotving’s prize during the Druskininkai Poetic Fall festival and later she received the prize of the Mayor of Vilnius for her works on Vilnius. She lived and studied in Udine (Italy) for half a year. She is writing for cultural press, translating and teaching Italian. Currently she is having a graduate internship in Italy, at the museums of writers Italo Svevo and James Joyce.

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