Notes From a Backwoods Saami Core (from 6 to 11)

by Sigbjørn Skåden

Notes From a Backwoods Saami Core (from 6 to 11)

Note 6

There’s an inherited pride in not buying new stuff, but rather to make what you need out of what you already have. Here we call it making one’s own patent.


Note 7

Any car has potential value. Enough organ donors could in the end become a product. The organ donor hoods remain lying around in the field encircling the house. No need to remove them, he says, they shimmer so nicely in the sun.


Note 10

His parents buy him new trainers while on holiday in Sweden. The shoes are blue and yellow. Among the kids in the village they are quickly nicknamed “the Swedish shoes”. The Swedish shoes are made from a stiff, synthetic material that proves poorly suitable for soccer. To shoot the ball is impossible, it’s too painful. He can only lob it. In the course of that autumn and the following summer, until he finally grows out of the Swedish shoes, he develops a sophisticated lobbing technique. There is no situation he cannot lob his way out of. Through all times he is the one who’s lobbed the highest penalty on the calves grazing field.


Note 11

Christmas is a blessed season.

Sigbjørn Skåden