Notes From a Backwoods Saami Core (from 1 to 4)

by Sigbjørn Skåden

Notes From a Backwoods Saami Core (from 1 to 4)

Note 1

A creek.

The fireweed blossoms.

Nothing here is coincidental.

The fireweed is an intelligent plant that knows where the dirt is

rich on nitrogen.

Long roots fetch nourishment from the deep.

He who understands the fireweed can read off its stem

what is north and what is south.

Rarely do people know that the fireweed’s blossoms also can be white, like water lapping the stem of a moving boat.


Note 2

Motto nr. 1: The stomach shall rip before good food goes to waste.

Motto nr. 2: Better to be void of a head than void of ideas.

Motto nr. 3: Sometimes you’ve got to put on your fur hat.


Note 3

He’s got a washing machine that’s gone to hell. He takes out the drum, cuts off the top and puts it on a rack. Now he’s got a grill. When he tears down the old shed he builds a windstopping wall out of the rubble.


Note 4

She looks at him smoking a fag. After a while she goes inside. She knits. A scarf with a message in Saami for mum. “Eadni, don leat máilmmi buorremus!” says the pattern. “Mum, you’re the best in the world!” Only one word is misspelled.

Sigbjørn Skåden