"Why Poetry suddenly became a huge part of my life? Maybe because I can express unpaintable images or because it connects me with extraordinary people."

Samantha Barendson

Samantha Barendson is a French, Italian and Argentinian poet. She was born in 1976 in Spain, grew up in Argentina and Mexico and finally settled in France, in Lyons. Like herself, her writing travels from one language to another, and sometimes get mix in a creative reinvention.

Author of poetry but also theater plays, she likes to work with other poets, painters, musicians, illustrators and photographers. Then she likes to declaim, perform, yell or sing her poetry on stage, a little frustrated for not being a Tango singer.

She is an active member of the Collective: "Le syndicat des poètes qui vont mourir un jour" (The union of poets who will die someday) whose purpose is to promote poetry for everyone and everywhere.

In March 2015, she received the French poetry "René Leynaud" award for her poetry book "Le citronnier" (The lemon tree).

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