Hartley Street Spiritualist Church

by Kim Moore

Hartley Street Spiritualist Church

The first hymn is Abba: I Believe in Angels.

No music because Jean has forgotten the tape. 

We sing without, led from the front by a medium

with long red hair, who announces that a dog

is in the room, and is, at this very moment,

sitting next to the tea urn.  This means someone


is ready to be healed.  Another medium stands,

running coloured ribbons through her hands,

points behind and says a woman is pacing

up and down, flicking her hair and pouting,

and will anyone claim her, does anyone

have a relative who would do such a thing?


And then the psychic artist stands up, unrolls

a scroll, a picture he drew many years ago,

in anticipation of this day, a man in a flat cap

with a cigarette, a man who used to get back

from work and watch the sun go down

from his back porch and smoke and smoke,


and he says this is your Grandad isn’t it

to a woman who nods vigorously

and then he starts to draw an old lady

with short hair who he says is standing

next to me, and am I feeling warm

because this is the energy of Spirit


and do I ever feel I’m being followed

even though there’s no one there,

because this is the energy of Spirit,
and come to think of it, I think I am warm

but that might be because everybody’s

staring, and he’s whispering, over


and over, it’s your Grandma isn’t it

and I believe him, I want to think she’s there,

even though in his drawing she has permed hair

and glasses.  He gives me the image

of this woman.  Later on I bin it, but before

we go we sing I Believe in Angels again. 

© Kim Moore